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Lucas Deal

October 24, 2013

Branding is important.

How you brand and promote your business can go a long way in customer recognition and reception, and successful branding campaigns can provide immediate name recognition in the marketplace.

I find the concept of branding especially fascinating in the dealer market, where you’re not just selling your company’s brand, but your nameplate as well.

Because of this, it seems to me there’s value to incorporating your OEM’s brand and marketing strategies into your operation. And I don’t just mean what is required by your manufacturer. If your nameplate has a strong brand, that’s a selling point. You should be doing everything you can promote that brand as part of your business.

How? Here are a few off the cuff suggestions.

•  Use the resource in front of you. If you’re going to promote your business using your OE brand, ask them for help. They are the experts on the catch phrase; the print marketing; the online presence. See if they have tips for integrating their brand into the marketing of your operation.

•  Assign someone to the job. This is big. Dedicate an employee to creating and building a marketing campaign around your business and OE. Successful marketing campaigns aren’t thrown together at the end of a meeting. They are carefully crafted over time.

•  Be consistent. Marketing campaigns that are constantly altered fall flat. Think of the taglines you know best. Why do you know them? Consistency. They’ve been unchanged for decades. Don’t implement a plan without a long-range strategy. That’s how brands are built.

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