Meritor WABCO releases TOOLBOX 11.0

Jason Cannon May 16, 2013

Meritor WABCO Thursday announced the release of TOOLBOX 11.0, a PC-based diagnostics and troubleshooting software.

The software’s new key features include a modern look with improved navigation, making the system more intuitive and easier to use; diagnostics for new generation of OnGuard; the first commercial vehicle collision safety system with Active Braking; diagnostics for Onlane, a lane departure warning system (LDW) device developed specifically for commercial vehicles; and J1939 diagnostics for pneumatic antilock braking system (ABS) and electronically controlled air suspensions (ECAS) systems, as well as an expanded help function.

“For more than 14 years, Meritor WABCO OEM and fleet customers have benefited from less vehicle downtime and more accurate faults troubleshooting by using our industry-leading TOOLBOX software,” Carsten Duevell, Sr. Director, Vehicle Control Systems, Meritor WABCO, says. “This latest diagnostics package, TOOLBOX 11.0, builds on the current features within TOOLBOX that successfully enable technicians and customers to view system faults, follow repair instructions, track wiring schematics, verify system integrity and adjust component operation more efficiently.”

TOOLBOX 11.0, which will be available for purchase via download 24 hours a day seven days a week on meritorwabco.com, also enables customers with registered, licensed copies of the system to conveniently remain up-to-date on new releases, diagnostics and other features.

For a limited time only, Meritor WABCO will offer reduced pricing on TOOLBOX to its valued customers. The offer ends July 15.