Ryder hits 15M miles on NatGas fleet

Jason Cannon October 3, 2013

Ryder System, Inc. says its has logged more than 15 million miles on its fleet of 320 natural gas vehicles.

The company’s fleet consists of 36 liquefied natural gas and 284 compressed natural gas tractors, currently running in 37 customer operations in California, New York, Arizona, Michigan, and Louisiana.

Since deploying its natural gas vehicle program in 2011, the operation has replaced approximately 2.3 million gallons of diesel fuel with domestically produced natural gas and reduced emissions by more than 5,290 MTCO2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions).

“We believe natural gas is the most viable alternative fuel solution for commercial trucking because it is clean, efficient, cheap, and abundant,” said Ryder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Sanchez.. “It is good for our customers, as well as our communities and the country.”

Customers can tap into Ryder’s knowledge of natural gas and evolving alternative fuels maintenance network, along with trained and experienced technicians. Ryder’s alternative fuels sales team can also help businesses determine which vehicle configurations work best for their specific applications.

Earlier this year, Ryder opened the first natural gas fueling stations in its North American network to serve both the general public and Ryder lease and rental customers. The Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) stations, which are open to Ryder lease and rental customers, located at two of Ryder’s maintenance and fueling facilities in Orange, California and Fontana, California –key facilities serving the Southern California region.


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