Sales managers key to sales staff success

Jason Cannon March 7, 2013

“My guys have a lot of freedom,” he says. “They know parameters they have to live in.”

Marsh says he, too, allows his staff a lot of freedom, but is available to make four-legged or group sales calls at the sales rep’s request.

Cluck says his management style was “more buckle your chin strap and go to work,” but adds “I’m working on being a little more rah-rah.”

“I’m a numbers guy,” he says. “So, I do push results more than some managers.”

Boswinkle says he tries to arrange about two sales blitzes each year in each territory, but the salesperson in that territory is responsible for setting up the calls.

“A good blitz generates, if nothing else, a lot of leads,” he says. “The more leads you can give (a salesperson), the happier they are.”

Motivation can be one of the largest hurdles for managers to overcome as sales of trucks have been far from stellar.

“Last few years have been tough,” Boswinkle says. “Sales in the industry are not as strong as they have been. The year 2011 was good year, but that was driven by pent up demand. (Sales personnel) get disgusted waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Marsh says he tries to keep motivation high by ensuring that the sales staff is properly trained through standard Freightliner and Western Star courses, and ensuring the staff remains focused on task, realizing that results will come when best practices are followed.

Cluck says helping staff properly prospect and allowing the sales team to openly share their success stories have proven good motivators.

Nacarato requires all sales staff take one training class per month, which is offered through a mixture of in-house training and from vendors, most of which is completed online.

Marsh’s staff undergoes mostly online training, generally bi-monthly with sporadic sessions held by vendors.

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