Selling Your Business with Social Media

Lucas Deal January 10, 2013

Facebook isn’t just for college kids anymore; it’s a must for your business.

By Lucas Deal, Associate Editor


In this day and age, nearly everyone has an online presence. The Internet is available almost everywhere, and everything from your phone to television has a connection.

That’s why it is so important for your dealership to be online. You don’t want to be the one business holding out on a technology everyone else has grasped.

That is especially true with regards to social media giant Facebook. As the most popular site on the Internet, Facebook has more than 852 million unique visitors per day, with nearly 25 percent of those viewers checking out the site more than five times per day. That’s a lot of hits in one place.

If you aren’t using Facebook to promote and market your business, now is the time. According to Kathi Kruse at KruseControlInc.com, Facebook has provided you an opportunity to interact with current and prospective customers in real time.

“People want to know about your business, and Facebook is providing that [information] in a way we’ve never seen before,” she says. “It is word of mouth digitized.”

But despite Facebook’s openness and instantaneous ability to interact with customers, Kruse says there still are best practices for using the site as a marketing tool.

You can’t simply add your phone number and expect sales to rise.

Kruse has developed a six-step outline for creating a successful Facebook page for a dealership. She describes the six-step system as follows: Create a site objective, maximize the site’s design, create a solid content strategy, a promotion strategy, an engagement strategy and conversion strategy.

For a dealer without a Facebook page, the outline is a good example of the steps to take when creating one. If your dealership is already online, the information is still beneficial as ways you can improve or update your page to maximize customer interest.

The first step, creating a clear objective, is one Kruse says you need to work with your marketing department to produce. Your objective also should include general plans for each of the remaining points.

Kruse says you want to create a user-friendly site that provides customers with some information about your business, but you don’t want to duplicate a company website. You also don’t want to create a site that simply lists phone numbers, or sales deals. You want it to be interactive.

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