Setting your price

Lucas Deal August 15, 2013

If a customer wants to know about your warranty program, ask why. Their response will provide a better understanding of the coverage they need and the affect that will have on the overall sales cost.

Once a customer has completed spec’ing its potential new truck, Papp adds that it’s a good idea to go over their requests one final time before presenting a price. This gives a salesperson a second chance to double check their notes and eliminate any confusion between the two sides.

A straight forward approach works best, he says, providing the example “Before I give you the price, I’d like to make sure I’ve clarified everything it includes” and going from there.

After that is completed, the price can be presented.

Papp says he likes to present the price and options included at once.

“You told me you were most interested in this, this and this. Is that correct?” he says while mimicking a price presentation. “With that in mind, let me tell you how our product can help you achieve those things. It will provide you this, this and this, and all for this price. Plus, you will [receive] this, this and this as well.”

By presenting everything together, Papp says customers get to hear the services included in their potential purchase price and the effect it has on the base price. When customers are shaken or concerned, he says salespeople should simply ask what’s wrong and let the customer respond.

“Let them tell you why” it’s not working for them, he says. And if a customer requests a spec change, follow the process used initially when acquiring information to adjust and re-present your price.

A customer talking price and spec’ing wants to buy. By presenting your price effectively, you can move them even closer to the dotted line.

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