TEC Equipment named Successful Dealer

Jason Cannon August 21, 2013

“The ongoing goal is to have the majority of TEC technicians be Master Tech-certified,” Thompson says, adding training isn’t limited to just the garage. “Ongoing and continued new truck sales training is a must for all TEC professionals. All TEC managers and supervisors have attended a professionally led four-day workshop to improve their leadership and communication skills.”

The dealership group has marketed itself aggressively in local markets, including beefing up its online presence and by producing a video.

The company also is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint.

In California, where emissions restrictions are among the strongest in the world and green efforts perpetual, TEC completed a program with electric supplier So Cal Edison to replace all high-wattage outdoor lighting with energy-saving, low-wattage fixtures that utilize infusion bulbs.

“This program included all of the TEC facilities in Southern California,” Thompson says. “In addition, all indoor lighting was retrofitted to accommodate the energy saving T8 bulbs.”

Facility bathrooms are being retrofitted with waterless and low-flow fixtures.

The company’s old La Mirada shop on Firestone Blvd. is being refurbished to comply with regulations, allowing TEC to service natural gas engines inside the shop.

New skylights in the service department are being added to improve lighting and reduce electrical output. And the company recycles cardboard, metal and wood products at all its facilities.

“We’ve had a lot of good employees, and a lot of help along the way,” Thompson says of the business’ rise. “We’ve had very good relationships with Volvo finance and GE Capital. They both helped me grow. And we’ve always enjoyed a very good relationship with all our OEMs.”

While TEC is among the largest companies in Oregon, Thompson is quick to point out that it’s a family business.

His oldest son, David, is a project manager for TEC and oversees the company’s expansion projects.

“He pretty much built our DEF business from the ground up, when we decided to get into that business,” Thompson says. “Now, we’re up to six tankers.”

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