Understanding tire service regulations

Lucas Deal October 24, 2013

This can be done at any time, but creating a consistent meeting schedule is the best way to keep employees engaged and focused on regulations. Technicians are busy, and if you don’t make an effort to keep them informed on all of their responsibilities, some may be neglected.

Having meetings to address regulation changes is another good idea. FMCSA regulations are not static; the organization routinely updates and improves its rules.

If you don’t call your employees’ attention to changes, you run the risk of them following outdated mandates rather than what is actually required.

Good intentions or not, customers aren’t going to be accepting of service providers who neglect to keep up with industry rules.

Grading and/or tracking technician performances relative to industry regulations are good ways to ensure they stay focused on their responsibilities. A technician who fails to follow FMCSA guidelines puts your customer at risk and hurts the reputation of your dealership.

And remember, following regulations are mandatory.

FMCSA says drivers “must examine each tire on a motor vehicle at the beginning of each trip and each time the vehicle is parked,” which means if a truck is in your facility, your techs are required to make sure its tires are up to code.

Technicians should know non-compliance is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Tires are too important to vehicle safety and too prominent in CSA and CVSA inspections to be neglected.

(Editor’s note: Many of these strategies are not specific to tire maintenance, and can be used for all areas of vehicle compliance.)

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