Alkane Truck strikes deal with Brazilian manufacturer for Class 7 truck

February 10, 2017

Alkane Truck Company has signed an agreement with Brazilian truck manufacturer, Agrale that gives the South Carolina-based truck manufacturer sole representation for sales and service in North America.

Together, Alkane and Agrale will offer a new Class 7 truck line and various commercial chassis options for recreational and public transportation vehicles.

“We are very excited about having exclusivity with Agrale in the North American market,” says Alkane CEO Bob Smith. “The unique vehicles we will be offering through Agrale will fill existing market voids.”

The company says it also is launching a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.


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“We are ready to move forward and we anticipate the North American market will be very receptive to these rugged and durable vehicles,” Smith says. “This agreement is a unique and exciting opportunity for both companies, and we look forward to working together.”

Alkane says it brings the market a unique production and distribution model, using streamlined manufacturing and distribution to reduce costs and allow Alkane to offer more competitively priced vehicles in their respective markets.

Alkane imports the main body and chassis as an assemblage of parts and incorporates U.S.-manufactured components such as engines, transmissions, fuel systems, wheels, tires, brakes, safety elements and other key components required for DOT compliance, the company says.

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