Are you preparing for the industry’s next generation?

Lucas Deal

April 29, 2014

How many of your salespeople will retire in the next five years? What are you doing now to prepare to replace them?

These are tough questions to ask, and even tougher to answer, but if you’re a business owner in the heavy-duty dealer market or aftermarket they are questions you should be addressing every day, says professional sales advisor and consultant Jim Pancero.

Today’s heavy-duty marketplace is one of many industries entering the early stages of a mass employee exodus. Staffed predominately by Baby Boomers for decades, the industry has reached a point where veterans are leaving the market quicker than rookies are entering.

And if that’s not enough, the rookies entering the market bring with them an attitude and outlook toward sales and business that is fundamentally different than the Baby Boomer mentality that has dominated the industry since the 1970s.

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If you expect to replace your retiring salespeople with this next generation, you better be ready to evolve. The sales strategies you’ve used with your Baby Boomers aren’t going to cut it for Generation Y.

“We are at a changing of the guard,” says Pancero. “This younger generation is moving into business — and moving into power in business.”

The upcoming May edition of Truck Parts & Service addresses the factors of this change in great detail. It investigates the major sales strategy differences between these two generations, the reasons to adjust a business to benefit potential new and young staff and possible timelines and operational plans to integrate new talent into an operation.

With much more from Pancero and a bevy of aftermarket sales experts, the article should be a great resource for any business facing a sales team shakeup in the coming years.

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“If you’re a business owner with older [salespeople], and you know you’re going to start losing people in the coming years, you have to start preparing for a change,” Pancero says.


May’s issue of Truck Parts & Service will be available here in the coming weeks.

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