ATD’s Witcher: ‘Our voice needs to be heard’

Lucas Deal

February 12, 2013

Dick Witcher, chairman of the American Truck Dealers urged the nation’s commercial truck dealers to get more involved in their association and build relationships with their members of Congress while speaking at the ATD Convention & Expo this week in Orlando.

“Truck dealers need to commit to the task of educating and informing people, most importantly our elected officials, of who we are and what our purpose is,” says Witcher. “They need to have a deeper understanding of our business and the economic engine it is.”

Witcher, CEO at Minuteman Trucks in Walpole, Mass., says it is vital that members of Congress visit truck dealerships and get a hands-on look at what dealers accomplish every day.

“If we don’t do that, how can we complain when regulations that don’t suit us are enacted?” he says. “Those who legislate need to understand the commercial trucking business before they can regulate it. Far too many good intentions have essentially backfired and hurt those that the regulation was originally designed to help.”

Witcher also stresses the importance that government regulators and members of Congress understand the role of ATD.

“We’re an association dedicated to helping all dealers,” he says. “It is up to everyone to commit to the task of informing people that we are much more than an annual convention and the Dealer Attitude Survey.”

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