Baldwin Filters Releases Extreme Performance Nanofiber Air Filters

Denise Rondini

November 9, 2012

Baldwin Filters released its new line of Extreme Performance heavy-duty air filters featuring the company’s patented ProTura nanofiber technology.

These new heavy-duty air filters fit common agricultural, mining and construction applications.

“We recognize that many customers using our filters operate their equipment in high dust environments where contaminant control is critical,” says Farrell Calcaterra, vice president of engineering.

Baldwin’s Extreme Performance filters feature fibers with an average diameter of 90nm (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter). These ultra-fine fibers bonded to cellulose media provide unequalled performance in removing submicron contaminants, the company claims.

“The nanofiber technology used in the Extreme Performance filters enables us to manufacture a filter that more effectively removes submicron particles,” Calcaterra says.

“Contaminant removal is crucial in high dust conditions. Extreme Performance filters allow users to capture higher amounts of the submicron contaminant, while providing better engine protection and longer filter service life,” Calcaterra adds. “We performed field tests in tough mining environments. The filters in the field tests had excellent performance as expected based on extensive lab testing.”

With the ProTura nanofiber media, the fine contaminants tend to load on the media surface resulting in higher initial contaminant removal efficiency and lower flow restriction, according to Calcaterra. Through normal use, the submicron particles tend to cake on the surface of the media then fall to the bottom of the housing where the contaminants can be removed by the dust ejector, increasing the filter’s contaminant removal capacity.

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