Custom paint proves effective tool to move used trucks

Jason Cannon

July 9, 2014

In the State of Alabama, football is a pretty big deal. And in some cases, it’s pretty big business.

The state’s two flagship institutions – Auburn University and the University of Alabama – rake in millions of dollars every year and account for four of the past five BCS national championships. One of the two schools has played in every BCS title game since 2010.

In order to capitalize on the state’s football fever – which never really brakes – Montgomery, Ala.-based Four Star Freightliner painted two used trucks in the schools’ colors.

Originally planned as a project to fill some downtime in the dealership’s body shop, the trucks sold to a father/son team two days after entering the paint booth.

“The paperwork was signed before the trucks were finished,” says used truck sales manager Don Alexander.

Alexander, a professed Iowa Hawkeye fan, says the company regularly spruces up its used inventory in hopes of offering customers something unique.

“Everybody thought I was crazy,” he says, “but I’ve been selling trucks for 20-something years. Basically, a truck is a billboard for owner-operators. They want something unique, something that will stand out.”

The amount of work Four Star can put into a truck varies depending on how much the unit cost the dealership to acquire, but Alexander says paint can cost between $500-$1000 and additional detailing can be upwards of $1,000.

“If the wheels are rusted, we’ll sand and repaint them; whatever it takes to dress the truck up,” he says. “We try to make everything used as presentable as possible.”

The football-themed trucks weren’t the first project Alexander assigned to his body shop, and it won’t be the last. Alexander says his next project is a small sleeper themed with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“It’s going to be a lot different than the other one,” he says. “The first one, we only did the fenders. We’re going to do the whole truck.”

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