Daimler layoffs to be fewer than expected

Jason Cannon

March 12, 2013

Daimler Trucks North America President Martin Daum said Monday the number of employees affected by the company’s previously announced layoffs at its production facilities will be “significantly lower” than the 1,300 it had projected.

Daum said the actual number of layoffs would be announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show later this month.

The layoffs were announced as the company throttled back production staff to meet waning demand.

Looking ahead to 2013 NAFTA Class 6-8 truck sales, Daum said the industry is currently not on pace to meet last year’s 344,000 level.

“To meet that number we’ll have to considerably ramp up speed through the end of the year,” he said, voicing cautious optimism that sales could be 10 percent higher than that.

“Truck makers have to be flexible,” he said. “Managing the cycle is key.”

Daimler is currently running a backlog that would sustain the 344,000-truck level, according to Daum.

“We needed to adjust production to that backlog,” he said, referring to the announcement of Daimler laying off 1,300 workers.

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