Dometic releases line of comfort products

August 19, 2013

Dometic Group has launched the Dometic Truck Comfort Line of products, designed to increase driver comfort on long-haul journeys, and bring improved economies for fleet owners.

Available for new and existing vehicles, the Dometic Truck Comfort Line includes air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers, cleaning supplies and battery and inverter boxes, the company says.

“Staying cool in hot weather, having cold drinks, fresh food, and a clean-smelling cab go a long way toward improving the quality of life for our customers. Fleet owners can use this line of products to not only bring the comforts of home to their vehicles, but also to save fuel, and attract drivers who are more productive, particularly on hard-to-staff routes,” says Mark Minatel, Dometic vice president of sales.

Dometic engineers its products to minimize environmental impacts while also improving the economics for fleet owners, the company says.

Featured items in the Dometic Truck Comfort Line are said to include: No-Idle Battery-Powered Air Conditioning System, CD-50 Drawer Refrigerator, CD-30 Drawer Refrigerator, CF Series Portable Coolers, Breathe Easy Air Purifier – Portable or In-Duct, Odor Absorb Supreme and battery and inverter boxes.

“With experience across the entire transportation sector, our mission is to make it easier for truck fleets and their drivers to reach their destinations in comfort, and in the most economically and environmentally sustainable way possible,” says Minatel.

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