DTNA expands Elite Support network

Jason Cannon

August 20, 2013

DaimlerDaimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA) network of Elite Support Certified dealers has expanded across North America with a number of new locations. The network of dealers committed to exceptional customer service now stands at 113 locations and counting, the company says.

Elite Support is a collaborative initiative between DTNA and its truck dealers that focuses on continuously improving the customer experience through:

•  Express Assessment: Within 2 hours of service write-up, a certified diagnostic technician will examine the truck and provide the customer with an assessment of the service and parts required on a single service issue.

•  Superb Customer Service: Elite Support Certified dealers have clean and comfortable driver’s lounges with free Wi-Fi and other amenities, along with friendly and professional staff that provide a superior customer service experience.

•  Exceptional Turnaround and Quality: Elite Support Certified dealers use best practices and continuous improvement to ensure that drivers receive the fastest possible turnaround time. These practices include scheduling the most qualified technician to perform the work while doing an up-front parts availability check. To guarantee the repair is completed correctly, all vehicles receive a quality check before leaving the facility.

•  Consistent Communication: Elite Support Certified dealers will contact drivers before the repair begins to provide time and cost estimates. After the repair begins, any change in repair status will be communicated as it occurs. Once the repair is complete, drivers will be notified immediately.

•  Robust Parts Availability: Elite Support Certified dealers stock the most critical parts to minimize driver’s downtime.

“The success of the Elite Support network has been phenomenal,” says Jennifer Stevenson, director, distribution development at Daimler Trucks North America, LLC.  “Our customers love working with a dealership that is focused on continuous improvement. This mindset, along with the consistent communication and exceptional customer service offered by Elite Support Certified dealers, is truly one-of-a-kind in this industry.”

“Our customers are noticing the customer service difference and that makes us want to continue this process even more,” says Pat Miller, who serves as the chief financial officer at Freightliner of St. Cloud, Minn. “We’re proud to be Elite Support Certified and use all of the tools available from Elite Support to improve our quality and efficiency.”

To become Elite Support Certified, DTNA says dealers must go through a stringent process that requires them to demonstrate proficiency in service and parts processes, technical and operational training and customer amenities. All of the current standards are focused on providing a superior customer service experience from participating locations, the company says. The process to become certified usually takes eight months, but that is only the beginning of an Elite Support dealer’s commitment to constantly review their operations for opportunities to better serve their customers, DTNA says.

“We’re very proud of where Elite Support has come,” adds Stevenson. “Our Elite Support dealers are truly engaged and invested in making advancements that improve the customer experience, while at the same time help make their own dealer operations more efficient.”

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