EcoDual, Hunter Truck Sales form glider kit partnership

November 20, 2013

EcoDual, Inc. has partnered with Hunter Truck Sales on a Peterbilt glider kit partnership.

Hunter will configure the gliders using EcoDual’s flagship platform, the MAX/SR duel fuel system, the companies say.

“Hunter Peterbilt has built its reputation by providing great products and reliable services that meet our customers’ growing and evolving needs,” says Jeff Hunter, president of Hunter Truck Sales. “Natural gas is beginning to play a major role in increasing the competitiveness of America’s trucking fleets. This partnership allows us to provide a proven solution to our customers that will give them a real competitive advantage. We’re truly excited about what this means for our customers.”

The 100 percent Hunter-built gliders will be available in Peterbilt 388 and 389 models with a range of available options through Peterbilt. The Hunter EcoDual Gliders will be available with remanufactured 2004-2009 Cummins ISX 15L engines across the full range of power and torque configurations, the companies say. EcoDual’s MAX/SR Dual Fuel System will be installed by Hunter and included in the standard purchase agreement whether leased, financed or purchased outright.

“We’re responding to our customers’ needs. As a result of our partnership with Hunter to provide Dual Fuel Gliders, we now offer a full range of solutions, whether converting existing trucks or purchasing new ones,” says Mike Donoughe, CEO of EcoDual. “Having our MAX/SRDual Fuel System on Hunter EcoDual Gliders, with all of the reliability of a new Peterbilt, is something we are really proud of. The Hunter name is synonymous with quality. By combining their 75 years of experience delivering outstanding trucks and service with our proven industry-leading technology, we are confident in this as the right response to our customers.”

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