Fleet survey shows mixed results on engine fuel economy

Jason Cannon

April 4, 2013

fuelA survey of carriers showed mixed results on feedback on the fuel economy and maintenance costs of 2010 engines versus 2007 engines.

Results from Transport Capital Partners’ (TCP) First Quarter 2013 Business Expectations Survey show over half of the of carriers indicate that fuel economy has improved with new engines, but almost forty percent report that there has been no change.

The discrepancy grows between large carriers (greater than $25 million in revenue) and small. Fifty-seven percent of larger carriers report fuel economy improvement compared to only thirty-two percent of smaller carriers.

“Carriers differ in their measurment systems and tracking procedures, but the real story here is that very few carriers have seen a decline in fuel economy with the 2010 engines,” Steven Dutro, TCP Partner, says. “Most of the carriers we talk to have reported overall improvement in MPG in recent years from a combination of technology and training efforts.”

There are also mixed results on maintenance costs, with 53 percent of carriers saying there has been no change in engine-related maintenance costs, yet forty percent indicate that costs have increased. Larger carriers are evenly split as to whether the 2010 engines cost more to maintain than the 2007 engines.


For more about the maintenance aspect of the survey, see the report from our sister site, Truck Parts & Service, by clicking here.


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