Fleets no longer wary of aero add-ons

December 9, 2013

Mitch Greenberg, chief commercial officer for SmartTruck Systems, says fleets have moved past being skeptical of add-on devices aimed at increasing aerodynamics and fuel economy.

SmartTruck, a research company who brought to market an undertray system for reefer and dry van trailers, held a media gathering of trucking industry press at its Greenville, S.C., headquarters last week to see its facility and check out the proving grounds where it gathers the information needed to develop and refine its products.

Greenberg told our sister site, CCJ, the undertray systems are completely contained within the already existing footprint of the trailer — a unique quality among trailer aero add-on devices. “This will result in a more durable, much more long-lasting product,” he said, allowing the undertray to last several trailer cycles and allow fleets to take it off an older trailer and put it on a new one.

SmartTruck’s engineers used what they learned in CFD testing — a staple in the aviation industry – to develop the idea behind the undertray system, which is to basically deflect air down and out from under the trailer and to inject high energy air where there’s low energy air, such as the trailer’s wake.

Henderson, whose background is in engineering in the aviation industry, said researching truck aerodynamics presented a unique opportunity, as there’s plenty of low-hanging fruit to tackle.

“We’re not trying to find that last 2 percent [of gains],” he said. “We’re out looking for the first 70 [percent].”

To read more about SmartTruck and their testing, click here.

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