Four Star Freightliner invests in truck dyno

Jason Cannon

May 14, 2014

Dyno2Four Star Freightliner, Inc. in Tifton, Ga. has invested in the TD-24 Chassis Dynamometer, a specialized machine that measures engine performance and checks horsepower for trucks, buses and recreational vehicles

The company says the machine, which tests the entire truck and allows for fast and easy measurement with no engine removal, is exclusive to the area and the only one of its kind for nearly 200 miles.

“This dyno has been authorized by Daimler Trucks, North America to diagnose engine and power claims and complaints,” says Jerry Kocan, Four Star Freightliner dealer principal. “We had a bay custom designed to accommodate the dyno. We worked with a consultant from Taylor Dynamometers to ensure we designed the bay to meet their engineers’ specifications.”

Although the typical truck has an engine of 575 hp, the new dyno has the capacity to test engines rated up to 1,100 hp.

The dyno allows technicians to become more efficient in troubleshooting and diagnosing engine problem, and Kocan says anyone with a truck having engine performance problems can benefit from bringing the vehicle in for a test.

Dyno“When a performance complaint can’t be verified, businesses can send their trucks to us,” says Bert Owens, service manager in Tifton. “The dyno lets us determine what kind of condition the engine is in.”

The dyno can also verify that trucks meet a certain specification for resale.

“The dyno can test any truck on the road today,” says David M. Davis, southeast regional representative for Taylor Dynamometer. “Ten years ago the dyno was used by truck drivers because they wanted to test horsepower. But now it’s about fuel efficiency. Drivers want a gallon of fuel to take them as far as it can. If your engine isn’t working properly, you can bring it to Four Star and their trained and certified technicians. They will verify that it’s running to meet specifications.”

The dyno is also capable of performing durability and fleet testing. Fleet owners can test to see if all trucks are running at the same level. It is an ideal tool for preventative maintenance programs for fleet operators.

“Having this machine provides a higher level quality product to the customer,” Davis says. “When dealers purchase one of these machines, they are investing in their customer.”

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