Giving and sharing thanks

Jason Cannon

November 27, 2013

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and share a meal, and give thanks for the blessings we’ve received in the first 11-plus months of the year.

Earlier this week, Successful Dealer reached out to our readers and asked them to share some of what they were thankful for and we’re pleased to share some of those with you.

Brett Graham, President of Graham International and Graham Truck Centers, shared an appreciation for his employees.

“I am thankful for hardworking, dedicated employees. Truck dealership employees are faced with many frustrations in our current market place. Trucks today are more difficult to diagnose, looking up parts has become tedious…..figuring out electronic engine and EGR issues tedious. Yet the professionals in this industry overcome all of this in an effort to keep their customers up and running,” he says. “I am especially thankful for those diesel techs, especially the ones willing to go out on the road and perform truck repairs under less than desirable conditions in the middle of the night. They literally put themselves in danger to get under a truck on the side of a highway in rain, sleet and snow to help fleets keep goods moving.”

“I’m thankful for the dedication of our drivers and most importantly for their families,” says Jennie Valenzuela, Human Resources Manager for Stage Coach Cartage. “The support, encouragement, and patience their families demonstrate on a daily basis is admirable. God Bless them and keep them safe.”

Tom Brown, CEO of Surplus Solutions, was grateful for all the partnerships he and his company have forged this year.

“We are thankful for all that we have learned in our first year of business,” he says.

Mike Barr, Southwest Territory Manager for Cummins, says he’s grateful to be a small part of trucking’s big picture.

“Thankful to wake up everyday and know that in some small way, I help this industry move forward,” he says.

Laura Nussbaum, Marketing Coordinator for CIT Group, Inc. said she was glad to grow professionally as part of a team, and the customers her team has been allowed to serve.

“I am grateful to be part of a company that operates in integrity and values their employees,” she says. “It has been a blessing to see CIT grow. Our owners have placed the emphasis on helping our customers, not just “selling” to them. I have met so many great people in this industry and count it a privilege to learn from the best.”

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