Hornaday Transportation adds 35 Cascadia trucks

August 13, 2013

HornadayHornaday Transportation announces it has expanded its fleet with the purchase of 35 new Freightliner Cascadia’s to enter the fleet over the next three months.

The company notes the Cascadia’s impressive interior and usability as one of the main reasons for the purchase.

“The Freightliner Cascadia has one of the most efficient and most comfortable environments for the professional driver,” says Rick Powell, director of maintenance at Hornaday. “The new Freightliners have a wrap-around dash that puts switches and controls within a driver’s reach. Backlit gauges are easy to read day or night and steering wheel mounted controls facilitate a safer and less stressful driving. There is a large windshield sloped hood and broader mirror coverage for better visibility. The

Cascadia’s body style is more aero-dynamic; all antennas are integrated into the roof of the cab.”

Powell also mentioned the engine system as a driver of the truck order. “The DD15 delivers the power to do the job faster and easier. An Amplified Common Rail Fuel System provides the right amount of fuel at the exact time the engine requires it.

“The turbo compounding recovers exhaust gases and turns them into usable power. You get up to 5 percent greater fuel economy with Detroit Diesel’s Bluetec SCR emissions technology.”

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