I-See developers receive Volvo Technology Award

Jason Cannon

April 4, 2013

Four individuals responsible the I-See fuel consumption system have received the Volvo Technology Award for 2013. The prize was presented Thursday to Anders Eriksson, Johan Bjernetun, Henrik Andersson and Johan Axelsson by Olof Persson, President and CEO, in conjunction with AB Volvo’s Annual General Meeting.

“I-See helps our customers reduce their fuel costs, while reducing the impact on the environment,” Persson says. “The development of I-See has resulted in seven patents and is an example of really top-class engineering work.”

I-See could be compared with an autopilot that handles gear-changes, throttle and brakes on gradients in the most fuel-efficient manner possible, reducing fuel consumption for long-distance transport by up to 5 percent.

The first time a truck equipped with I-See drives on a hilly road, the topography information is stored in the truck for the next trip, and a wireless dispatch is also conveyed to a central server. When another truck equipped with I-See is about to drive the same stretch, the system automatically obtains the information from the server and ensures that the hills are negotiated in the best possible manner the first time.

“I-See utilizes the vehicle’s kinetic energy to accelerate at the right time prior to the ascent to reduce the number of downshifts, while disengaging the vehicle just before reaching the brow of the hill and utilizes the energy perfectly for braking down the next hill,” Anders Eriksson, who headed the development group, says.

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