JX Enterprises CEO takes reins of ATD

Jason Cannon

January 29, 2014

Eric Jorgensen, president and CEO of JX Enterprises in Hartland, Wis., has been named chairman of the American Truck Dealers (ATD), replacing Dick Witcher, chief executive officer of Minuteman Trucks in Walpole, Mass., who served as chairman for two years.

“We’ve made so much headway these last few years thanks to this man here,” said Jorgensen, referring to Witcher, in remarks at the 51st annual ATD Convention & Expo in New Orleans.

In his remarks, Jorgensen urged the nation’s commercial truck dealers to continue to reach out to their members of Congress to inform them about the industry and what it does, and highlighted the importance for dealers to be active and learn the key issues.

“The success of our business and that of our customers largely depends on Washington – and the people who are elected to make decisions on our behalf. It’s vital that we provide continuing education for our dealers and managers,” he said. “When people have the tools they need to do their jobs, success is easily achievable.”

He also encouraged dealers to support a new campaign, “Trucking Moves America Forward,” which aims to build appreciation for the commercial truck industry.

“Trucking certainly moves this nation forward but not everyone realizes it,” he said. “This campaign will help our businesses and our relationships – from customers to Congress – and we should all be involved in this noteworthy effort.”

“It’s not easy selling trucks and sometimes it’s even harder helping people understand why,” Jorgensen says.

For Jorgensen’s full comments, click here.

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