Kalyn Siebert debuts new trailer

February 28, 2014

Kalyn SiebertKalyn Siebert announces the launch of its new 55T Kalyn Siebert Extendable Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck (HRG) trailer (Model KSHRGEX-3-55T).

The latest addition to the company’s heavy-duty Extreme Series of trailers, the Kalyn Siebert Extendable HRG is designed to provide contractors across multiple industries with the capability to haul a wide range of payloads, the company says.

The deck of this trailer extends from 26 ft. to 44 ft., allowing customers to haul both short and long payloads with equal ease. Two lockable stops at 18 in., two at 24 in. and two at 60 in. allow the deck to be set to precisely the correct length, for optimal versatility, the company says. The 20-in. deck height at rated capacity means the trailer can handle taller loads, while the 110,000-lb. weight capacity in 12 ft. (closed) allows for more concentrated loads, Kalyn Siebert says..

Additionally, the trailer is designed for a 24-in. flip neck extension to achieve a remarkable 132-in. swing clearance. Multiple rear axle configurations – 3, 3+1, 3+2, 4, 4+1, 5 – meet a variety of weight limits to ensure maximum operational flexibility, the company says.

“This trailer is all about payload diversity,” says Ryan Rockafellow, Kalyn Siebert managing director. “With our Kalyn Siebert Extendable HRG, customers can quickly adjust their trailer to handle just about any load. This is a powerhouse of a trailer that provides our customers with the versatility they demand and the performance they expect from Kalyn Siebert.”

As with Kalyn Siebert’s standard HRG trailers, the Extendable model also ensures the safe and efficient front-loading of equipment, the company says. A 6-in. ground clearance provides a low center of gravity that maximizes load stability, and the five-position gooseneck height allows the deck to be raised or lowered depending on the clearance needed, the company says.

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