Karmak’s Schien graduates from Dealer Academy

February 11, 2014

Mike YorkKarmak’s Mike Schien has graduated from ATD Dealer Academy Class 027. Schien’s graduation comes after more than ten months of classroom and hands-on work that encompassed all aspects of operating a heavy-duty truck dealership, Karmak says.

“The ATD Dealer Academy is a very unique experience, especially for a Karmak employee,” says Schien. “Since I don’t work day-to-day in a dealership like most of my classmates, I was sponsored by one of our dealership customers, Selking International.

“As part of the homework, I puored over financial statements, parts management reports, service RO detail, and so much more to evaluate how their specific dealership is doing. This allowed me to walk in our customer’s shoes and better understand opportunities to improve the dealership.”

Schien is the latest Karmak employee to go through the course. Since sending the first group of students in 2009, Karmak has had 14 graduates from the program, one current student, and one beginning next month.

“In my current role as a software applications specialist, I have a pretty good understanding of how our software functions,” Schien says. “Completing this program allows me to be able to make my demos more applicable to real world scenarios that happen in the dealership. I can do a much better job of customizing my demo to my audience.”

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