Kenworth to offer Fuller Advantage with T680

March 27, 2014

Kenworth T680Kenworth now offers the Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated transmission as an option for the Kenworth T680 in long-haul or regional applications.

The optimized powertrain combination of the Paccar MX-13 engine integrated with the Eaton Fuller Advantage transmission provides up to a 2 percent fuel efficiency enhancement, the company says.

“The new Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated transmission saves 70 pounds over the Eaton UltraShift PLUS LAS transmission and incorporates a new Precision Lubrication system that improves the efficiency of the transmission by reducing ‘churning’ losses,’” says Kevin Baney, Kenworth chief engineer. “That, coupled with new electronic controls between the engine and transmission, optimizes performance to make this transmission the most efficient we’ve ever offered in a Kenworth truck.”

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The Kenworth says Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission senses the load demand on the engine and selects the best shift points to match vehicle weight, road grade, engine torque and throttle position. It also has unique control logic and a small step gear ratio that enables downspeeding in top gear Overdrive, while allowing a quick down-shift to Direct-Drive 9th gear required when pulling a grade, the company says.

“The transmission is very intuitive – the optimized performance gets the absolute most out of the truck when it comes to shifting and fuel economy,” said Baney.

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