Landi Renzo USA dual fuel approved for DD S60

Jason Cannon

November 11, 2013

Landi Renzo USA said Monday is has received EPA OUL approval for its dual fuel system for factory re-manufactured Pre-EGR Detroit Diesel S60 12.7L engines, for heavy duty trucks.

The company says it developed its diesel/natural gas advanced dual fuel system over a 20 year period through Landi Renzo’s in-house engineering and technical team. The latest generation Landi Renzo dual fuel system injects natural gas after the turbo/intercooler and computer controls the exact balance of natural gas and diesel fuels, to achieve the maximum performance, efficiency, and economy, the company says.

The proprietary system allows operators to displace the majority of their diesel fuel usage with natural gas, resulting in average fuel displacement up to 60 percent; Noise reduction up to 40 percent; Particulate matter reduction up to 40 percent; CO2 reduction up to 14 percent; and Smoke reduction up to 50 percent.

“Not only does this expand our current clean fuel product offering, but also it further promotes the increased use of natural gas as a fuel and moves us further down a path of energy independence in the United States” says Andrea Landi, Landi Renzo USA President.

The company says engine performance is comparable to the original Pre-EGR engine in terms of torque, horsepower, drivability, and economy, while maintaining and improving emission levels of the original engine.

The system also allows for the ability to switch back to 100 percent diesel if needed.

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