Lone Mountain Truck Leasing signs over 1000th truck

December 2, 2013

Lone Mountain Truck Leasing said Monday the company recently signed over its 1000th truck title to independent owner-operator, Lance Hairrell.

Hairrell made the trip to Pacific Junction, Iowa in early 2011 where he then drove away with his Freightliner Columbia. He now holds the title to that truck free of any liens.

“Lone Mountain Truck Leasing was an easy and affordable way to get started in my own truck,” he says. “I quickly leased onto Landstar Inc., and after two years of worry free service, my truck is now paid for, and I have my title in hand.”

Lone Mountain provides financing for customers through its in-house finance company, Cresco Capital, Inc.

The two companies have been operating together for about 7 years and currently have over 3000 trucks in their portfolio, all leased to owner-operators. More than 50 titles were signed over to customers in the last 30 days and that number continues to grow every month.

“We are extremely proud that our program has a high success rate. It’s exciting that even during uncertain times, we have played a part in 1000 owner-operators reaching the goal of owning their own truck,” says General Manager Joe Hoovestol. “In a lot of the lease purchase programs out there today, no one ever ends up actually owning their truck.”


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