Mack launches new air suspension, axels

Jason Cannon

January 28, 2013

 The lightweight and low-maintenance MACK Twin Y Air Suspension provides best-in-class ride and handling.Mack Trucks Monday launched its Twin Y Air Suspension, the company cites as the trucking industry’s first suspension to use a Y-shaped steel design.

The Twin Y is up to 400 pounds lighter than other air suspensions. 

In conjunction with the Twin Y announcement, Mack also announced the availability of Mack axles on its MACK mRIDE spring suspension.

 “The industry has never before seen an air suspension system engineered like the Mack Twin Y,” said Jerry Warmkessel, Mack marketing product manager for on-highway. 

 Design of Mack Twin Y Key to Improved Control, Stability

The Twin Y was field tested for more than 3 million miles and is available on the MACK Pinnacle Axle Back and Axle Forward models. It features MACK S38 and S40 series axles with C125/126 and C150/151 carriers.

The design of the Mack Twin Y air suspension includes two stamped high-strength steel Y-shaped blades per wheel end. The Twin Y blades are joined to the axle with both upper and lower axle seats, which reduces suspension windup and improves tire traction and braking control.

The axle seats are clamped to the axle housing by Huck U-bolts on both sides and never need to be re-torqued.

Bushings in the upper and lower axle seats offer greater roll control and deliver easier handling and a more comfortable ride. Lighter weight and non-torque reactive, the Twin Y requires less maintenance and extends tire and component life, significantly improving customer ROI.

The Twin Y’s design puts the load on the suspension entirely on the air ride and not on the pivot bushing.

 The MACK mRIDE spring suspension, paired with the MACK C150/151 axle carriers, delivers superior performance for vocational applications.Mack mRIDE for the Tough, Vocational Applications

The Mack mRIDE spring suspension, coupled with the Mack C150/151 series axle carriers, is available on the MACK Granite, Titan by MACK, Mack Pinnacle Axle Forward and the MACK TerraPro model trucks.

The setup uses spring leafs over four rubber block packs for stability and articulation, but also allows the needed clearance for larger tires and brake components required in construction and vocational applications.

The parallel pinion angles of the Mack axles extend the driveline joint life and coupled with the greaseless mRIDE suspension, the offering boasts easier maintenance and is easier to align.

“The completely integrated drivetrain offered by a Mack MP engine, Mack transmission, Mack axles and now the Mack mRIDE suspension creates superior performance, stability and handling,” says Curtis Dorwart, Mack vocational marketing product manager. 

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