Maxion releases wheel spec’ing tips

February 2, 2014

maxionMaxion Wheels has released information designed to help distributors and fleet customers when spec’ing commercial vehicle wheels and tires.

Chris Putz, principal engineer at Maxion, says vehicle application is the largest driver toward spec’ing decisions.

“Before we get to the wheel, we need to know the vehicle and we need to know the tire,” he says. “I need to understand what the intended use and operations for that wheel are —  meaning is it a single or dual wheel, what’s the type of vehicle, how fast will they be driving and what is the maximum load they would be carrying?

“From there the customer would get into the tire, which tire would be required for the usage, include size and construction. Safety is the first priority, and that means complying with FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) requirement for the proper load and fit of the tire width and wheel.”

Maxion says six key factors must be considered when spec’ing wheels: tire size and maximum air inflation; Loads to be carried – wheel-carrying capacity; duty cycle – line haul, off-road, delivery stop and start; axle pound rating; warranty and field service and support from a supplier.

“Pay attention to the basics,” says Denny Weisend, Maxion’s director of North American sales. “Proper spec’ing and maintenance will enable the wheels to last the life of the vehicle.”

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