Navistar 13 liter launch ‘on track’

Jason Cannon

March 15, 2013

Navistar says it has submitted its 13 liter MxF13 test data for EPA approval and the company expects the okay to ship by the end of next month.

“This week, we began to build the first 18 full-production saleable ProStar 13-liter SCR trucks, and the first 7 of those trucks came off the line at our Escobedo plant earlier this week, and production began a day or so ahead of schedule,” Navistar President and CEO Troy Clarke says. “Each unit started, and it drove off the end of the line just as we expected. They look good, and we’re going over them with a fine tooth comb as per our new quality gate process.”

Two 13 liter units will be on display at the Mid-America Truck Show next week, but the remaining 16 units will roll into Navistar and customer fleets to begin accumulating accelerated mileage, Clarke says.

“On-road testing and data gathering for OBD compliance is on track, so we’re on schedule to complete EPA and CARB certification in the end-of-March time frame to support our end-of-April shipments,” he adds.

The company’s 15 liter ISX has been mostly well received with 1,035 ordered units built, and about 2,200 more orders in queue to build.

“ProStar/ISX ran 21 percent of Navistar’s big bore production for both January and February and should ramp up to more than 30-plus percent in March, and we expect those numbers to increase through Q2,” Clarke said. “Test mileage on our class leader ProStar/ISX continues to accumulate with no major issues, and fuel economy is outstanding.”


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