Navistar lands large government order

Jason Cannon

February 20, 2013

Navistar Defense, LLC, has received an urgent delivery order from the U.S. Army (TACOM LCMC) to retrofit 205 armored cabs onto Navistar Medium Tactical Vehicles (MTV) designated for service with the Afghan National Security Forces.

The $23 million contract will involve replacing the current commercial cab with a specially designed armored cab and re-using original components of the MTV to protect the ANA and ANP from ballistic and blast threats. The order includes enhancing additional vehicle elements for improved survivability to provide Afghan National Security Forces with the capability to conduct route clearance missions with mine roller applications.

The Navistar MTV platforms are already in service in Afghanistan in a variety of missions including general troop transport, water tankers, fuel trucks, recovery vehicles and cargo trucks. Since 2004, Navistar has provided nearly 9,000 MTVs to the ANA and ANP. There are another 14,000 Navistar MTVs in service with military units around the world. 

The vehicles will be upgraded at the Navistar Defense facility in West Point, Miss. with deliveries scheduled to begin in April and completion scheduled for July. 

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