New Service for Truck Dealers

Denise Rondini

April 6, 2011

DealerMine Corporation, provider of an obsolescence management service for auto dealers, announces its service is now being offered to medium- and heavy-duty truck dealers.

DealerMine says it can help truck dealerships reduce their obsolescence and create new opportunities for sales and profits. Industry statistics suggest that parts that sit idle for six to nine months have a low probability of selling. At 12 months they are considered obsolete. The web-based service matches buyers and sellers enabling parts managers to get rid of their idle parts and purchase their fast moving parts at a significant discount


“Idle stock costs dealerships money in more ways than one,” says Mark De Lucia president of DealerMine. “Between the holding costs and opportunity costs, obsolescence drains dealer profits month after month. We’ve helped over 1,500 dealers recoup millions from obsolete parts and improve their bottom line. We are excited to introduce our solution to the truck market.”

Data is collected from dealerships through a secure, automated process. The daily updates provide buyers and sellers with the most up-to-date information, optimizing opportunities for larger and more frequent orders, according to the company. The program is said to be simple and easy-to use.

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