Oilfield Trucking receives first Kenworth ISX 12 NG engine

August 22, 2013

Kenworth NG truckKenworth celebrated the production and customer delivery of its first full-production truck powered by the new 400-hp Cummins Westport ISX12 G natural gas engine during a special roll-out ceremony Aug. 20 before employees at the Kenworth assembly plant in Renton, Wash.

Kenworth’s initial 400-hp ISX12 G engine went into a Kenworth T800 Extended Day Cab. The truck’s keys and a commemorative plaque were presented by Preston Feight, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing to Jerry Winchester, CEO of Chesapeake Oilfield Services (COS) and Chris Broussard, president of COS affiliate Oilfield Trucking Solutions (OTS).

“Kenworth has a commitment to providing the best natural gas trucks to our customers. With the new 400-hp rating, the Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine helps to expand Kenworth’s natural gas truck offering to more fleets. We especially thank Chesapeake Oilfield Services and Oilfield Trucking Solutions for its strong support of Kenworth trucks,” Feight says.

OTS maintains its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Okla., and is part of Chesapeake Oilfield Services, which also includes Performance Technologies, Hodges Trucking Co., Great Plains Oilfield Rentals, Compass Manufacturing, and Nomac Drilling, Kenworth says. The group’s trucking divisions have purchased more than 400 Kenworth T800 and C500 diesel trucks in the past three years.

The privilege of driving the T800 with the 400-hp ISX12 G off the assembly line went to Winchester with Broussard in the passenger seat.

“This first Kenworth truck equipped with the 400-hp ISX12 G engine represents an important initial step in a cutting-edge change in how the oil and natural gas production industry fuels its field servicing trucks,” says Winchester. “By operating this truck at Oilfield Trucking Solutions, we’re committed to being the industry’s best oilfield service provider.”

The Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine requires a single fuel source and can run on either CNG or LNG (liquefied natural gas), both of which are cost-effective, low-carbon and low-emissions fuels, the company says. Kenworth offers the ISX12 G for the T800 short hood with a 116.5-in. BBC and T660. Oilfield Trucking Solutions’ natural gas-powered Kenworth T800 short hood is equipped with two side-mounted Type 4 CNG cylinder tanks for a range of 450 miles and the Kenworth Extended Day Cab for improved driver comfort.

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