Oilmen’s rolling out new DEF tanker

Jason Cannon

April 3, 2013

gI_133290_oilmens-3rd-generation-insulated-DEF-tankerOilmen’s has plans to roll out the company’s third generation of its insulated tanker used for hauling Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Standard equipment includes insulated tank, insulated and heated cabinet, insulated and heated piping and protected pumping equipment.

The new 4000 gallon DEF truck tank has the ability to self-load from a large DEF bulk tank that is commonly used at a distributor’s facility, bulk plant or railcar. Piping that allows the operator to bypass the hose reel is also standard equipment that enables rapid metered deliveries. The personnel ladder is now mounted on the rear of the unit for the greatest flexibility at the loading rack, although driver side and curb side mounts are options.

Additional improvements include better accessibility to components and vibration reduction materials that will prolong equipment life.

“Some of the new features we are offering originated as enhancement requests from our customers,” John Faris III, Marketing Manager, says. “Others were design improvements that we initiated in response to the trends we see in the way the product (DEF) is being handled throughout the supply chain.”

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