Penske Truck Leasing debuts telematics platform

April 17, 2017

Penske Truck Leasing has launched a connected fleet solutions program. Using a proprietary, device-neutral data platform, Penske Truck Leasing can now connect its systems with virtually any truck and engine configuration or telematics service provider.

“We’re very pleased to begin formally offering connected fleet solutions to customers,” says Brian Hard, president and CEO of Penske Truck Leasing. “Our unique approach makes it easy for customers to connect their vehicles and share their vehicle data with us. We’ve designed these connected fleet solutions to improve vehicle uptime, safety and compliance, and help keep customers well-informed about their vehicles.”


Penske develops onboard technology consulting group

Penske Truck Leasing announced Monday that the company has established an onboard technology consulting group within its existing operations. The group was created as a value-added service ...

Penske says its connected fleet solutions enable faster roadside assistance call triage and improved vehicle maintenance through remote diagnostics, location data, and big data analytics. The approach also provides a technological path to providing predictive vehicle maintenance.

Penske says it believes it is the first truck leasing company to provide connected fleet solutions at such size and scale. Today, the company is using its connected fleet solutions platform with more than 20,000 vehicles in its truck rental and logistics fleets and is adding customer vehicles daily. The remote diagnostics capability is also currently in use at Penske’s in-house 24/7 Roadside Assistance call center, the company says.

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