Poached by your peers

Lucas Deal

December 18, 2013

The commercial vehicle technician shortage was picked up by the mainstream media late last week when this article on the shortage ran in the Omaha World Herald.

The article touched on several common problems dealers and service providers are facing in today’s market: the current technician population is aging rapidly, most young kids aren’t interested in technical careers and those that are have become so coveted it’s a battle to bring them in.

One eye opening statement that caught our attention at Successful Dealer was a sentence in the first half of the story by the author claiming one of his sources was uncomfortable providing a young student to the author as a source “for fear the student would be targeted for hire by a competitor.”

That’s pretty alarming.

We all know it’s becoming tough to find quality young technicians, but I don’t think I ever considered the risk of losing one you found due to poaching from a rival.

It makes sense. This is a competitive marketplace and available talent is limited, but it’s still shocking.

I don’t know that I realize just how extreme the battle for technicians has become.

If there’s a good thing to take from all of this, it’s that the quality of today’s commercial vehicles technicians remains high. Successful Dealer’s Jason Cannon is live at the Rush Tech Rodeo this week and wrote just yesterday that the talent he’s seen at the event is outstanding.

This means if you can find new technicians and keep them, you should be in good shape. Easier said than done I admit, but at least it’s better than having no options.

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