Procede Software releases Excede Data Insight program

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April 19, 2013

Procede Software has created a new business intelligence tool for the dealer industry called Excede Data Insight.

Designed to record, track and analyze the operations within a dealership, the tool can track anything, and allows users to create customized, real-time data reports in minutes. It was soft launched earlier this year and will officially be introduced to the dealer market next week.

“The program provides real-time access to data, and we give you tools and the ability to use that data to your benefit,” says Larry Kettler, CEO at Procede. “With [Excede Data Insight], dealers can make informed decisions about their business. They now have a tool that drives more efficient processes across the business and allows them to analyze the business on a day-to-day and up-to-the-minute level.”

He adds, “To me, I think the biggest value of the program is the ease of use and distribution of information. We can provide you any information you want wherever and whenever you want it.”

Procede Software has been creating dealer management systems since 2001, and it’s more than decade of experience was influential in designing the new Excede Data Insight program. Procede says the program requires no programming or IT experience, and comes complete with more than 125 pre-built reports to get customers up-and-running quickly. With just a few mouse clicks, users can create and edit simple reports, schedule future reports, set up departmental alerts and catalog customer information, the company says.

Procede says drop down menus make it easy to create new reports and configure charts and graphs, and all reports can be previewed at any time during the build and modification process — users don’t have to publish a report to see the information in it. The company says Excede Data Insight’s dashboard also lets users pull critical information from multiple reports into one screen to monitor activity and changes in real time.

The system operates with dashboards throughout the program for each department of a dealership, and they can be updated and changed at any time. Eric Liddell, director of product management at Procede, says Data Insight is so advanced that users can select on specific areas of their business and be provided real-time data on the customers and sales in that category.

For example, if a user selects the number of customers with warranty claims, the system will show each one. Then Liddell says the user can individually select each customer and see each claim they have, with the repair and OEM warranty information.

“The dealer can get down exactly to what they need,” he says.

Liddell adds that the system also allows management and business owners to limit the amount of access employees have depending on the information they need.  “Access is strictly controlled by an administrator,” he says. “You can give each employee different levels.”

The system works on computers, smartphones and tablets, and all reports can be exported into common file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, and PDF. With Excede Data Insight, Procede says every person in your dealership with the proper permissions can view, modify or create reports on the fly and make real-time, business-critical decisions, whenever they need to, where ever they are.

For more on the program, go to, or call 858-450-4842.

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