Search for your customers begins on the Internet

Jason Cannon

April 23, 2014

Dealers looking to reach their truck driver customers will likely make the most impact with an email newsletter according to a recent report published by Successful Dealer’s sister publication, Overdrive.

An overwhelming majority (53 percent) said they preferred to receive trucking industry information from printed magazines but on digital platforms, email newsletters emerged as a favorite. Upwards of 65 percent say they check email at least once per day and more than 19 percent say they most often read industry news through an email newsletter.

More than 25 percent of all surveyed truckers say they use the Internet “constantly” and another 24 percent say they use it at least daily.

The majority of respondents say they turned to the Internet while “researching products and services,” “purchasing products and services,” and when in search for “industry news/information.”

“New product information” and “news from OEMs/manufacturers” were two of the top three items drivers listed as “important is it to include…on a trucking industry website.”

Drivers were also on the lookout for “how-to maintenance information.”

More than 35 percent of respondents say they like to see “drive tests and other equipment info” videos, so demonstration videos are a hit with your targeted audience.

More than 95 percent of surveyed truckers say they maintain a Facebook page, and more than half check it at least once a day.

We’re living in a digital Renaissance, it evolves daily and more and more people are following along. More than 67 percent of respondents were 51 years old or older, and there was an average age of 54.6 years.

Your customers are increasingly willing to meet you on the Internet and in numbers that compound daily. As long as your engaging them with items they see as valuable, you’ve got their attention. These days you’re more likely to meet them on the Information Superhighway than on your truck lot.

You can download the full report and all its data from Overdrive.

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