SmartTruck showcases new side fairings

Jason Cannon

March 26, 2013

SmartTruck introduced a new, patented low-profile version of their trailer Side Fairing system last week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

SmartTruck says the side fairings offer a 5 percent improvement over the previous model and, combined with the SmartTruck UnderTray System, deliver up to 10.5 percent in fuel savings. The new Side Fairing system will be available to customers in June.

“Our first generation Side Fairing design had excellent performance, but it would not fit on most reefer trailers with corrugated side panels,” says Steve Wulff, COO for SmartTruck.  “So we went back to the design table to build a more universal product that will fit on all trailers.”

“We used a very complex computer optimization strategy to fine tune the aerodynamic shape of this new Side Fairing system while maintaining the needed low profile design to allow for maximum swing door clearance,” adds Mike Henderson, chief scientist for SmartTruck.  “After 20,000 different design iterations, we had the shape we wanted — better performance out of a smaller part. The aerospace industry uses similar techniques for sophisticated wing design for new aircraft.”

SmartTruck says the new Side Fairing system fits both dry van and reefer trailers as the leading edge component can mesh with corrugated trailer panels.

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