Taking pride in the family business

Lucas Deal

July 29, 2013

One thing I couldn’t help but notice while writing the Successful Dealer weekly newsletter last week was how rewarding it must be to successfully run a family business.

For those of you who are doing so in the dealer market, I’m jealous of your experience.

Whether it’s a truck dealership, a service facility or something completely unrelated, it has to feel great as a business owner to know you are following in the footsteps of generations of family members that came before. To know that every day you show up and unlock the front door that your grandfather or great-grandfather used to do it the exact same way.

And I know there are challenges — lots and lots of them, to be exact — but I still can’t shake the feeling of accomplishment and pride that you must experience after a job a well done.

Every time you lock down a new customer, every time you expand, every time you add a son or daughter, niece or nephew to your business, you’re helping your previous family member’s dreams to come true.

That’s awesome.

“It’s extremely fulfilling, not only to succeed following in [my family’s] footsteps, but also to find areas where we can change and adapt and continue to grow,” says John Shireman, president at Uhl Truck Sales and the third generation of his family to lead his business. “Just to have the tradition we do and be able to grow provides a very distinct sense of pride.”

So for those of you running the family business, congratulations! Good luck keeping the dream alive.

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