Talbert debuts spread-axle trailer with E2 Nitro

June 18, 2014

Talbert 1Talbert Manufacturing introduces its 65-ton spread-axle trailer outfitted with the E2Nitro nitrogen-assisted equalizing system.

Talbert says the trailers provides haulers the versatility they need to switch axle configurations and comply with individual state road regulations. This trailer can also be operated in a 70-ton close-coupled configuration.

Haulers can use the 65SA with a close-coupled fourth axle for a 70-ton rating or a spread-axle configuration for a 65-ton rating, and the trailer’s empty weight is lighter compared to West Coast-style trailers, Talbert says. The trailer’s East Coast-style E2Nitro spreader features a bearing pivot and pivot lockout for backing the trailer.

In addition, Talbert says the E2Nitro operator can hydraulically set axle loads and keep them there in all terrains. It also allows for a 14-ft., 1-in. spread between the third and fourth axle, which is ideal for haulers traveling into states that require that spread.

The E2Nitro system also articulates left and right and uses nitrogen to equalize the up and down movement to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping, the company says. Through a combination of hydraulic and nitrogen equalization, the E2Nitro absorbs hauling and loading shocks and provides a greater range of suspension movement for reduced stress and a smoother ride.

The system also acts as a hydraulic shim point between trailer and spreader. The E2Nitro incorporates two-speed dual landing gear for greater stability when it is disconnected from the trailer, the company says.

Talbert 2Talbert says the 65SA also features a 70-in., flip-up gooseneck extension to achieve a 190-in. radius. The unit also offers removable kingpin stations for 120-in. and 108-in. swing radiuses, a 30-ft. deck length and an 8-ft., 6-in. deck width. And, like all its trailers, Talbert manufactures the 65SA with heavy-duty T-1, 100,000-psi minimum yield steel, the company says. Optional deck lengths, deck types and widths also are available.

The standard 65SA model has three different capacity ratings: 65 tons in a 15-ft., 2-point rigid load base as a 3+2 spread-axle trailer with 30 ft. of deck; 65 tons in a 30-ft., 2-point rigid load base as a 3+2 spread-axle trailer with the addition of an 8-ft. deck insert (38 ft. overall); and 70 tons in a 16-ft., 2-point rigid load base as a 4-axle trailer with 30 ft. of deck, the company says.

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