Useful tips for best servicing Cummins ISX15 engines

SD Staff

November 3, 2017

By Steve Scott, director of Technical Support for Industrial Parts Depot (IPD)

Keeping abreast of the latest part updates and installation techniques can prevent costly errors and even catastrophic failures.

Industrial Parts Depot (IPD) offers these five tips to help fleet specialists and engine rebuilders service Cummins ISX15 engines more accurately and efficiently.

Choose updated critical parts: The current update of OE pistons for ISX15 (15-liter, single cam) engines features a special bushingless design with a closed skirt that is specifically made to work with APR (anti-polishing ring) cylinder liners.

It is a high priority to replicate OE updates for product lines when possible to ensure durability, endurance and interchangeability.

Use the special piston installation tool: Special installation tools should be used when necessary.


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Protect oil ports and passages from particulates: Replacement of gaskets is an integral part of every in-frame or out-of-frame engine overhaul.

Choose the correct style of connecting rod bearings: Cummins ISX series engines use three different styles of connecting rods, making it vital to use the proper type of bearings when replacing these parts.

“Matching the connecting rod with the correct bearings is critical,” says Scott.

Press-in type camshaft bushings: While it may be a common practice to drive the camshaft bushings in for other engines, installation instructions specify that the cam bushings (injector and valve) need to be pressed in (rather than driven), and also pre-lubricated.

In summary, it is important understand manufacturer updates and changes and follow current procedures when servicing Cummins ISX15 engines.

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