Volvo reveals its LNG engine

Jason Cannon

March 21, 2013

Volvo_LNGVolvo Trucks unveiled its D13-LNG engine at the Mid-America Trucking Show Thursday, the company’s first integrated natural gas entry for the North American market.

The Volvo D13-LNG compression-ignition engine utilizes liquefied natural gas (LNG) to deliver increased range and significant fuel efficiency improvements compared with other natural gas-powered offerings.

Volvo’s D13-LNG engine is a continuation of Volvo’s Blue Power natural gas strategy for North America, joining previously announced spark-ignited natural gas engine options for the Volvo VNM and VNL model daycabs.

Ed Saxman, Volvo Trucks product manager – powertrain says the company plans to roll out new products over the entire range of LNG products over the next three years.

“The Volvo D13-LNG offers outstanding power and performance for the long haul while improving fuel efficiency,” said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “The D13-LNG will enable our customers to increase their driving range through an integrated Volvo powertrain system that offers seamless communication among components.”

[youtube h5E2pCx772Y nolink]

The Volvo 13-liter compression-ignition engine uses a small amount of diesel fuel to ignite the LNG, while delivering diesel-like durability and performance in terms of horsepower and torque, Saxman says.

The D13-LNG also provides about a 20 percent fuel efficiency improvement compared with spark-ignition natural gas engines and an even greater fuel cost reduction when compared with diesel-powered engines.

Volvo VNL daycabs powered by the Volvo D13-LNG engine will be available for order during the second half of 2014.

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