Volvo upgrades customer support in Texas

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December 31, 2012

The addition of a second Bruckner Truck Sales location in Dallas increased their total truck bays to 45, staffed by 33 service technicians.
The addition of a second Bruckner Truck Sales location in Dallas increased their total truck bays to 45, staffed by 33 service technicians.

Volvo Trucks’ dealer network is now even bigger in Texas. Since January 2010, work capacity has grown 32 percent at Volvo Trucks locations throughout Texas. State-wide dealer investments have resulted in an increase of 170 truck service bays, 138 Volvo-certified technicians and a 39 percent increase in parts inventory, the company says.

“The increase in work capacity at these locations has given Volvo’s support network a large boost,” says Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American sales and marketing. “It’s encouraging to see the ongoing commitment by our dealer network to grow their own businesses, and by extension, the presence of Volvo Trucks in North America.”

Within the past year, Volvo says Bruckner Truck Sales in Dallas and Sweeten Truck Center in Houston have undergone significant upgrades to increase service capacity and better serve their customer bases.

Bruckner Truck Sales

In conjunction with the 80th anniversary of their family-owned business, Bruckner Truck Sales recently expanded its presence in the Dallas area with the addition of a new $5.7 million full-service dealership. Easily accessible from all major highways in the Dallas area, Volvo says the 12-acre facility offers parking and 20 truck bays staffed by 15 technicians, three of which are Volvo master technicians. The new location also houses more than $1 million in parts inventory in the 13,000 sq.-ft. parts warehouse.

“The expansion onto I-20 not only allows us to better serve our local customer base with increased capacity and more localized service points, but it also provides easier access for customers traveling through the area,” says Chris Bruckner, executive vice president of Bruckner Truck sales. “The Dallas-Fort Worth market is a major part of our business that has a large geographic footprint. With the new facility on I-20, we now have five locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, allowing us to better support our customers with service and parts.”

Sweeten Truck Center

Located off Interstate 10 in Houston, the recently remodeled Sweeten Truck Center features 25 truck bays staffed by 18 service technicians, including four Volvo master technicians, the company says. Other upgrades at the dealership include a new quick service shop with six truck bays, an expanded body shop and an additional $260,000 in parts inventory.

“With the recent remodeling and expansion, we can now access more trucks at the same time, which has allowed us to start the triage process sooner and stay on them longer,” says Dayne Yeager, president of Sweeten Truck Center. “We continue to receive excellent feedback about the recent upgrades, and customers now experience first-hand our ability to meet their service needs in a more timely manner.” 

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