Wearing your Mack Bulldog pride

Jason Cannon

March 19, 2014

Mack Trucks, deep in the midst of a rebranding effort, will use trucking’s largest annual show to see just how proud people are to be affiliated with its iconic bulldog.

At next week’s Mid-America Trucking Show, you can get your fair share of Mack swag, or you can go the extra mile and have the new Mack Bulldog logo permanently etched on your body. Yep. That’s right.

And these aren’t your everyday, run of the mill tattoos, either. Mack has solicited former stars of Miami Ink Ami James and Chris Garver to lay down the ink.

Confession: I used to watch this show. I can appreciate both good art and a good story and Miami Ink provided both, with many tattoos bringing to life some highly emotional or meaningful experience for the person in the chair. Also fairly fascinating was that Ami James is an ex-Israeli Special Forces Sniper.

Yes, that guy with a hair-trigger temper holding a tattoo needle under your skin could probably kill you 2,000 different ways with it. Luckily, he uses his talents for good rather than evil. James and Garver are incredibly talented artists in their own right, and both will tattoo the new Mack Bulldog logo or the American Flag on Friday, March 28, and Saturday, March 29, during the show.

John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing, says the company has long been in awe of the number of people who sport Mack tattoos as a signal of pride in and loyalty to the brand.

Only a limited number of attendees will receive the free tattoos as spots are limited. To pre-register for a chance to win a free Bulldog or American Flag tattoo click here. Attendees at the show can also visit the Mack booth at 1 p.m. Thursday to register.

MATS has never been short on interesting sights to behold and it looks like Mack is setting the bar for the 2014 installment.

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