White paper aimed at boosting dealer marketing

Jason Cannon

December 13, 2012

Equipment Data Associates (EDA) launched this week the first in a series of six white papers aimed at helping truck dealers effectively reach their customers.

The first in the Dealer Marketing 360 series, titled “Marketing 101: An overview”, covers topics that include basic branding, diagnosing and meeting customers’ needs, digital and online marketing, separating yourself from the competition, and how to make effective use of trade shows among other tips and advice.

“The entire series is focused on marketing tactics specifically for dealers of all kinds,” Ross Conroy, Director of Digital Marketing for EDA, said. “For sales managers, we wanted to provide a tool that would also help them guide their sales staff to success.”

Subsequent white papers, which will be released every two weeks, will focus on: Achieving Efficiency and Return On Investment with Direct Marketing; A Practical Overview of CRM Systems; Market Analysis: Who’s Buying What?; Uncovering Opportunities and Getting off the Cow Path; and Making Trade Shows and Expositions Work.

The second white paper, “Achieving Efficiency and Return On Investment with Direct Marketing”, should be available next week.

Conroy said the topics covered in the white papers will have a broad appeal to heavy equipment, truck parts and truck dealers across multiple industries.

The first white paper can be found by clicking here. 

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