Wiers International Trucks gets new website

August 13, 2014

wiersWiers International Trucks has launched a new website for medium and heavy duty truck sales, leasing, parts, body shop and service centers.

“Our new website is the culmination of our fifty years of experience selling and then maintaining medium and heavy duty trucks in a way that cuts truck downtime while lowering operating costs for their owners,” says Wiers International Trucks vice president and general manager, Drew Hettich.

The company’s new website also incorporates access to truck inventories, parts specials, service centers location information plus careers information, credit applications, videos, and customer testimonials – all automatically formatted to the screen size of the device being used to see the information.

Jeffrey Antisdel, who helped develop the website says the new Wiers International Trucks website has the latest responsive design technology.

“The site senses the device being used and then automatically optimizes the layout of the content to that device and screen size,” he says. “Whether you’re the mechanic on the shop floor or the driver on the road, this new site is as easy to use on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop computer.”

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