Yard Truck Specialists doubles dealership territory

Jason Cannon

April 22, 2013

Yard Truck Specialists, a terminal tractor dealership located near Northeast Philadelphia, announced Monday that it has increased its service territory to include the western half of Pennsylvania. The expansion, which began in February, makes Yard Truck Specialists the primary authorized dealer of Ottawa trucks for the entire state.

“This will double the geographical territory we cover,” said Bob Kulach, sales coordinator at Yard Truck Specialists.

Ottawa, a subsidiary of Cargotec, is the largest producer of terminal tractors in North America.

Steven Croasdale, vice president of Yard Truck Specialists, said Ottawa users include warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturers, trucking companies, and rail and port operations. He added that Ottawa awarded his company the new territory to better service these businesses throughout Pennsylvania.

“This is something we have been pushing for awhile,” Croasdale said. “Ottawa realized we are substantial enough to do the area justice, and we already have great relationships with a lot of businesses in that part of the state.”

Croasdale added that Yard Truck Specialists maintains the largest inventory of yard truck parts in the country, and said that service and support will be a major focus in the new territory.

“Many customers are situated around the more populated cities, and much of the area outside has been cut up and underserviced before now,” Croasdale said. “We’re changing that with more road mechanics and onsite repairs in addition to our regular shop work. We’re also expanding our rental fleet and are bringing these businesses a wider menu of options.”

Yard Truck Specialists’ parent company, H&K Equipment, is located just outside of Pittsburgh, which helps provide parts support and to dispatch road mechanics anywhere in the state.

“We’re working with the H&K Family Group to continue growing and supporting our western branch,” Croasdale said.

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